A Light-painting experience
for your communication needs

Kaaya gives you the best of the following: live show, video, photobooth, virtual reality, 3D photography…

From events, new product announcements or promoting a location,

light-painting is a communicating media giving you an interactive experience with a strong brand identity.



About us

Kaaya was born from the alliance between Jadikan, a lighting and plastic artist and Damien Leleux, founder of an audiovisual agency.

For more than 10 years, Jadikan has been regular performer of lightpainting around the world.
Nuit Blanche Paris, Sharjah Light Festival, Miami Art Fair …
With a desire to constantly question his vision on photography, he keeps on experimenting cutting-edge R&D artistic production as Solid-Light (2013) or Light is not Flat (2011-...)

From his vast professional and artistic experiences, Damien focuses on strong identity and communication since 2010.
His agency Odoxo specializes in 360° photography / video and Virtual Reality
He will be your project manager

Their first collaboration was awarded a prize by Google with a Creativity Prize in 2013:
360° Lightpainting photography integrated in Street View.

They decided to launch a comprehensive and innovative offering dedicated to visual communication

Kaaya works with a set of skilled and hand-picked partners to support your project, thus giving Jadikan an production team for his overflowing and limitless imagination

Our skills and our creativity are at your service for a unique and personalized production.

Contact Us

hello@kaaya.fr / Damien +33(0) 7 61 17 31 18